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#29 恐れるな Do not be afraid.

By Rev: Ed Park 朴エド

Title: Do not be afraid.


The greatest emotion that has attacked us in the two years from 2020 to 2021 is fear. Fear of death due to the corona, an invisible virus, has had a major impact, especially in developed countries. This simultaneous fear of death for all mankind is a rare experience since the world wars.

There are many factors that can destroy our lives. The most powerful of these is fear. There are five marks by which we can recognize how much the emotion of fear is affecting our lives, i.e., how much we are affected by the emotion of fear.

The first is perfectionism. Behind perfectionism lies the fear of failure. The second is putting off. In fact, it is often the fear of consequences that causes us to put off difficult decisions. The third is to say "Yes" easily. Deep down, those who say "yes" to everything are motivated by a desire not to be disliked by the other person. The fourth is to say "No" immediately. Everyone has his or her own personal safe zone. If, when someone asks you to leave your safe zone, you automatically and without thinking reject it with a "no," it is a sign that you are being steered by fear. Especially as we get older, our attachment to these safe zones becomes very strong. You automatically refuse to break out of what you have been doing or your habits. It becomes difficult to try new things. And the fifth is unhealthy habits. Drug and alcohol abuse, overeating, and even overworking are apparently part of the OCD that comes from deep-seated fears. Fear of not being able to trust people, fear of being lonely, and fear of failure cause people to turn to alcohol, drugs, and sometimes food. However, since these are temporary solutions, they return to their fears and become more dependent on alcohol, drugs, etc. than before.

In this way, fear cleverly destroys our lives. Fear is one of life's most powerful enemies. Therefore, the Bible strongly recommends, "Do not be afraid.” Incidentally, the Bible speaks of fear in 213 places. In particular, Isaiah 41:10 in the Old Testament tells us that, "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." This implies a heart that does not fear even death, man's greatest fear. There is no fear for those who believe in the Creator, our Lord.

Fear makes one foolish. Fear makes man ugly. Therefore, may you know the God who created you, and may as many as possible believe in Him who says, "He is always with you, helping and supporting you.” Let us go forward today, step by step, with faith in Isaiah 41:10 and with our hearts full of hope.


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