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#27 汽車、人生の旅 Life is like a journey on a train.

Rev: Toshio Maehara 前原利夫

Title: Life is like a journey on a train.


There are many ways to travel. There are walking trips, car trips, sea trips, air trips, the list goes on and on. When I plan a trip, I don't plan to go to places I have already been to, because if I go back, there is something important there.

The destination of the trip must be unknown, there is the value of the trip and it is unknown. I'm interested in the basics, and excitement is born. Life is like a journey, because the destination is unknown and I can't read what's waiting at all. So life is an adventure, there is a defeat, and there is a chance to win. We cry, we laugh, and we never know when this will happen. Here is a poem I like. "Life is like a journey on a train." I apologize for the poor translation, but here it is,

"When I was born, I took a train and met my parents, believing they would always travel beside me. But somewhere along the way, they would get off the train and travel on their own.

As time went on, people from outside came on the train: siblings, friends, children, and the love of their lives. Some people get off the train without even realizing that they left the seat empty. The train runs full of joys, sorrows, fantasies, expectations, greetings, goodbyes, and farewells.

Success comes from maintaining a good relationship with each person on the train. Most of all, though, you have to give your best. One of the unknowns of riding a train is not knowing which station you will get off at. So, give it your best. You have to love, forgive, and give your best. That's the most important thing. You get off at some station and leave an empty seat behind you, but you must leave a fragrant scent for those who continue their journey from that station.

This is the most important thing. I hope the train ride of your life is a pleasant one. Harvest success, and sprinkle lots of love!

Don't forget to thank God for this journey of life. Finally, I am grateful that you are on my train."

This poem is a simple, very readable and touching poem in the original. The poem is about getting on and off a train, and how each encounter has some effect on the people still on the train when they get off. Some people leave without even noticing that they left the seat empty. You may think that your parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends will always be there to help you, but they are not. So we must love and forgive each other and move on with our lives.

I think it is important to conclude with the words, "Do not forget to thank God for this journey of life. Yes, if we are allowed to call God 'Heavenly Father,' then He is our Father and Parent, and we are his family. We have a common life from the father of this world, the father of humanity, and we are on a journey of life to fulfill this life to the end.

On this journey, we meet our brothers, relatives and family members. They are God's family, our family. So I would like to thank God and his family for sharing the train journey with me. I am one of the late elderly people. I have believed in Heavenly Father for many years. The best choice for my train journey has been to believe in him and walk my life. Please invite him to your train journey, or even to the cockpit. You will definitely arrive at your desired destination. There is no other enjoyable train ride.


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