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#195 紙バンド Paper bands

Maggie-Maki Meza マギー

Title: Paper bands


A kimono dressing student introduced me to Maggie Meza, the owner of Papies California, who makes bags out of paper bands. The bags and baskets were colorful, unique, and made of such a solid material that I wondered if they were made of paper. After the interview, I immediately ordered a bag in "Ukrainian colors" to match my summer kimono, and it has served me well throughout the summer.

1, How did you get involved with paper bands?

In 2019, I rented a place in Torrance and had a craft club that met once or twice a month. In March 2020, Ueda Sangyo of Japan gave us the name "Papies California," and with three instructors, we resumed paper band production in October 2021. 2. What are your current activities?

We ship paper bands from California to all over the United States. Although made of paper, paper band products are as colorful, lightweight, and flexible but some of looks like bamboo made. We make use of these characteristics to create baskets, business card cases, men's bags, Christmas wreaths, shimenawa (sacred ropes), chairs, and other furniture products. 3. What are your future plans?

There is no national "license" for paper bands, so anyone can learn to make them on their own. However, by learning in a class, you will learn how to weave beautifully and quickly, and we will be able to provide you with the tools and information from Japan to help you do so. We also issue a certificate as a proof of completion of each level of Papiers' unique program. Workshops are currently held on weekdays and Saturdays by appointment, and paperbands can be purchased at any time. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 11am to 7pm. We are also open early in the morning upon request.


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