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一人ではできない、君たちのおかげです。ありがとう!I can't do it alone, thanks to you guys, thank you!

Rev: Toshio Maehara 前原利夫

Title: I can't do it alone, thanks to you guys, thank you!


America is a magnificent country. Professional sports are popular all year round, making it a great time for sports enthusiasts. The baseball season begins in March and the playoffs end in early October. Before the baseball season ends, the professional and college football season begins around the end of August. The basketball season starts at the end of October and the playoffs end in June of the following year. The football season lasts until February, overlapping with the baseball season for a few months. This is the yearly entertainment that the sports world has assembled.

In recent years, the days when the Japanese could only watch the American sports world have passed. Naomi Osaka of tennis, Hideki Matsuyama of golf, Shohei Ohtani of baseball, and Rui Yamura of basketball have been remarkably successful, with Ohtani receiving the highest praise for his genius, surpassing Babe Ruth. In addition, the good manners of the Japanese people are exemplary. The post-game "trash pickup" by the Japanese side at last year's World Cup was so praised that it was referred to as a post-game re-ceremony. Beyond the wins and losses, it was not only their side that picked up the dust, but also the stadium's dust. Sports are not just about wins and losses. It must also be an exemplary model of character for the youth of the world who are enthusiastic about and model their athletes.

I played basketball in the Japan High School National Tournament once upon a time, and even though I am older, I still love basketball and college football. My alma mater, USC, had a new coach last year, and quickly put together a very good record, with quarterback Caleb Williams winning the Heisman as the best in the country. Sports commentators are predicting that he will win it again this year. The athlete was invited to New York last year for the award ceremony. His parents, as well as his coaches, accompanied him to the celebration. However, he invited seven players to attend the ceremony at his own expense. The seven players were offensive players who protected the QB and helped him pass the ball in a targeted manner without being swayed by opposing defenses. As William said, "I didn't win by myself, you guys protected me. Thank you." Without their protection, we wouldn't have won the top award in the country. It is because of the protection of those around me that I won the award.

There are several cases in the New Testament that come to mind. In those days, people with leprosy were socially ostracized and abandoned, separated from their families and communities. Jesus Christ healed all ten without condition. All ten were healed, but only one of them returned to thank Him, saying, "Thank you, Jesus Christ. The other nine had completely forgotten who healed them. We, like these nine people, may forget to say "Thank you," and take the favors of others as a matter of course.

We should not think that we were born alone. Nor should we think that we have lived alone. Nor should you think that you have graduated from a prestigious university all by yourself. Nor should we think that we have achieved success on our own. We are who we are today because of the care and help of those around us. Sometimes we are who we are today because of the sacrifices of others. Thank you to those who prayed for me. Thank you God for helping me, and thank you to my many friends!


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